Section Elections

Election official changing the results on a large scoreboard in front of the Daily Reflector building. Courtesy Joyner Library, Eastern Carolina University.

Later this month, all active section members (as of June 30) will receive a ballot to vote on a number of section-related issues. First and foremost amongst these is the election of our section leadership. Two candidates are vying for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Greg Bailey and Ellen Engseth. Steering Committee candidates are: Elizabeth Beckman, Randall Bowman, Christy Fic, Tracy Jackson, Noah Lasley, Chloe Pascual, Karen Trivette, Bryan Whitledge, and Eric Willey. Candidate biographies and statements are available on the section’s website.

The section will also be voting to amend our Standing Rules. The proposed changes account for:

  • the Section’s movement to a blog from a newsletter;
  • a three-year trajectory for the leadership position – one year each as vice-chair, chair, and past chair – to ensure continuity of effort; and
  • changes mandated by SAA’s effort to standardize documents across all sections.

Please take a few minutes to participate in the election and to help set the direction for the section. Results will close July 10-12 (due to staggered balloting) and results will be available by July 14. Kudos to Nominating Committee members Benn Joseph and Carrie Daniels for putting together this excellent slate, and a big thank you to all who have agreed to run.


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