Call to Service: C&U Section Opportunities

Dear Colleagues,
The Nominating Committee of the College & University Archives Section seeks a diverse slate of candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – 1 seat
  • Steering Committee Member – 2 seats

Please consider nominating yourself, or a colleague, to stand for election this summer. Elected individuals will take office at the close of the Section meeting in July 2017.

The office of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect is now a 3-year term: one at Vice-Chair, one at Chair, and one at Immediate Past-Chair.

Steering Committee Members will be asked to provide regular content for the Section’s Academic Archivist blog.                                     

The Nominating Committee encourages individuals from colleges and universities of all sizes, and with diverse professional experience, to stand for election. Individuals should be members in good standing of the Society of American Archivists and the College & University Archives Section. All candidates must declare their intentions to stand for election by emailing Benn Joseph  no later than June 1, 2017, and are each encouraged to submit a photograph of themselves, a brief biography, and a statement to voters (also due to the Committee by June 1).

Steering committee participation is a great way to get involved in SAA leadership and contribute to the College & University Archives community. Please contact us with any questions you may have about candidacy or the election.


 The College & University Section Nominating Committee
Carrie Daniels
Benn Joseph


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