Join us in Atlanta!

Please join us tomorrow, Friday, August 5th, at 1 pm in Salon C for an exciting and informative College & University Section meeting!  In addition to our usual section business items, we’ll have updates from several initiatives and projects of interest to C&U members, and an official unveiling of our section’s new blog, The Academic Archivist. This year we will also have a guest speaker on the timely topics of Teaching, Instruction, and Active Learning. Given that so many C&U section members participate in some level of library instruction and curriculum support in their day-to-day work, and often are evaluated on instructional activities for promotion and tenure, we hope this topic will be of wide interest and utility to all!

Our presenter is Peter Carini, College Archivist at Dartmouth, speaking on the Librarians Active Learning Institute (LALI) and the new Archives and Special Collections (LALI-ASC) program and developing archivists as teachers utilizing new approaches and ideas to promote active learning. Peter will also demonstrate active learning through a hands-on activity and then we’ll open the floor to discussion and Q&A. In addition to Peter’s work with LALI-ASC, he is an archivist/instructor and wrote “Archivists as Educators: Integrating Primary Sources into the Curriculum” in the Journal of Archival Organization, 2009.

Please prepare by thinking on your own experiences with developing courses and supporting curriculum and be prepared with questions, observations, and/or comments for a larger group discussion. And if you have time, check out a recent (July 20, 2016) opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education – “Why a College Should Teach Its Own History” by Corey Ryan Earle.

We look forward to seeing many C&U members on Friday, August 5th, at 1 pm in Salon C!


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